Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is one of the driest and most comfortable heating sources available.

Radiant heating can come in the form of traditional radiators or radiant underfloor heating. Both forms of heating have their own characteristics and benefits and which is best for you depends entirely on your home and individual needs. Both radiators and underfloor heating create an extremely comfortable form of heat and are silent and help contribute to a warm home.


Radiator heating

Radiator heating - how does it work?radiators_2.jpg
Hot water from a gas, wood or diesel or boiler system is pumped through the radiator system. The hot water heats up the radiator which in turn heats the room. Radiators are made out of steel and because steel heats up and cools down extremely quickly, radiator heating systems are perfectly suited to Taupo's changeable weather conditions and our busy lifestyles. They can quickly and easily be turned on or off in different areas making them extremely efficient to run.

Unlike those big ugly radiator heaters you used to burn yourself on at school, modern radiator systems are slim, attractive and very user friendly. Many radiator heating systems can be customised to suit your interior decor so that they blend in or even add to the attractiveness of your home.

radiators_4.jpgradiators_3.jpgRadiator heating systems are safe to touch and won't affect curtains or furniture placed in close proximity. You can even dry your clothes on them if it's too wet outside! There are also no forced air draughts so there won't be any dust or allergy problems in your home.




Radiant under floor heating

Radiant underfloor heating is considered the most luxurious and comfortable way to heat your home because it creates an ideal atmosphere of warm feet and a cool head. The system can be set up to heat each room or area to the desired temperature which provides excellent energy savings.

How does radiant underfloor heating work?
Radiant underfloor heating was invented 2,000 years ago in ancient Rome where fires were lit in specially constructed cellars which heated the floor of the house above. Fortunately you won't need to light any fires in your basement but the fundamental principle remains the same. Radiant underfloor heating simply involves warm water being circulated from a boiler or heat pump though pipes installed in the concrete floor which heats the floor and room above.
Why is radiant underfloor heating so good?underfloor_3.jpg

  • Underfloor heating is particularly well suited to buildings with high ceilings. The radiant effect of the heat from the floor is effective up to a height of around two metres so you won't have the problem of heating pooling in the ceiling like with many other systems.
  • The heat source is at the feet. This makes the perceived comfort level far greater and also means that actual room temperatures can be one or two degrees lower than normal, resulting in extra energy cost savings.

  • The water can be heated using any energy source including diesel, pellet and gas fired boilers.

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