Central Ducted Heating

Discreet, quiet and cost effective

What is a centrally ducted air system?
Bonaire_Ducted_Heating_System_House_Diagram.jpgIn a centrally ducted air system warm air is circulated throughout your home via a series of ducts. The warm air is generated at a central heating unit which is generally run from a gas furnace. It is released into your home through vents which can be on the floor or ceiling depending on the layout of your home and your preferences.

Why choose a centrally ducted air system?

  • The system gives a consistent whole house temperature.
    You can control the system using a centrally rated programmable thermostat by simply setting the temperature at the thermostat to whatever temperature you want. The system will quickly heat your whole house to whatever temperature you desire.

  • Central ducted systems are quite inconspicuous.
    Warm couple.jpgThe only sign that the heating system is there is the small vents through which the warm air is pumped into the room. If situated cleverly even these can be difficult to spot because they can be placed in the ceiling or in a discrete corner on the floor. By comparison many stand alone heating units can take up a fair bit of space in a room and can significantly detract from its aesthetics.

  • These systems can respond to temperature changes very quickly.
    These systems often have air filtration systems included which promote good air quality because. This helps to prevent asthma and allergy related medical conditions.

  • These systems can be extremely powerful.
    Centrally ducted air systems produce a lot of heat which can warm your home extremely quickly. This suits the sudden air temperature changes we often get in Taupo.


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