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Why should you use a Master Plumber?

Master Plumbers for Plumbers PageMembers of Master Plumber, Gasfitters and Drainlayers NZ need to adhere to a exacting standard and must abide by a tough code of conduct. This helps to make sure that you receive superior and professional service every time.

All members must be fully qualified, meaning that they must have attained the status of certifying plumbers, gasfitters and certifying and licensed drainlayers. Master Plumbers must also be committed to continuously honing their skills and keeping up to date with advances in plumbing technology and techniques. These tough conditions of membership help to keep the standard of plumbing service in New Zealand at a high standard.


Did you know about the Master Plumbers guarantee?

In addition to the benefits you get from the high standards members need to maintain, you also get the advantages of the Master Guarantee issued by the Master Plumbers organisation. The Master Guarantee provides protection to plumbing customers for substandard workmanship and insolvency and liquidation.

In effect, if you are dissatisfied with a completed contract you have the option of submitting a formal complaint. Master Plumbers will investigate, and if the work is found to be substandard, they will endeavour to find an appropriate solution. In suitable cases it might mean the work has to be remedied by the original contractor or another alternative. In cases where a contractor becomes insolvent or goes into liquidation and is unable to complete the contract, Master Plumbers has a payment protection plan to ensure you a minimally affected.

Having your work completed by a Master Plumber means you can be confident that you will receive the highest quality workmanship possible and even if something goes wrong you still have the backup of the Master Guarantee to make sure you are minimally affected. It really is a win win situation for you! And remember Master Plumbers don't just do plumbing! We also do gas installation, home heating, solar and a range of other things.

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