Products for four person households

Check out these solar water heating systems that can help save you thousands in the long run!


Scroll down for information on the products that are perfect for four person households.

Products for four person households

These Azzuro Solar products have been designed to produce enough hot water for a typical four person household. Like the two person solar products, the four person solar products come with an electric boost function which kicks in when hot water levels run low. Extremely handy for when you have additional house guests.

Azzuro Sunpower RFK3

If you already have a solar compatible hot water cylinder and a larger, four person household this is the solar collector for you. The Sunpower RFK3 is suitable for customers with a cylinder between 275 and 330 litres in size and includes and installation kit. The collector is a generous 3 square metres in size which means it can absorb a huge amount of the sun's energy.

This system can be installed for between an estimated $5,190 and $6,100.

Azzuro Sunrise 300R-3

Azzuro_Rheem_tanks_ 4 person household.jpgThe Sunrise 300R-3 is perfect for larger households who want to have access to an entry level solar water heating system. It comes with a large 3 square metre collector and a 300 litre hot water cylinder so there will be plenty of cheap and environmentally friendly hot water for your family to enjoy.

This system can be installed for between an estimated $7,790 and $8,700

Azzuro Sungold SK3 + 280L

Azzuro_Triumph_tank_4 person household.jpgThe Sungold SK3 has the same collector as the Sunrise system (above) but a slightly smaller 280 litre hot water tank. This tank is built from high quality and corrosion resistant stainless steel which makes it much harder wearing and therefore last longer.

This system can be installed for between an estimated $8,490 and $9,420

For more information on any of our 4 person solar water heating products please don't hesitate to contact us by ringing (07) 378 2547 or just dropping into our office at 187 Spa Road in Taupo.

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