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Reduce your business' expenses by installing a commercial solar water heating system

McBeth Plumbing and Gas can custom make and then install a hot water system that perfectly suits your business and hot water needs.

milking_shed.jpgAdvances in solar energy collecting technology now means that massive solar hot water heating systems can now be installed which completely fill water cylinders with an astounding capacity of 4000 litres. That's 4,000 litres of water heated by an absolutely free and renewable energy source. These systems are perfect for a huge range of commercial and industrial applications including motels and hotels, dairy factories, off main grid cabins, housing developments, food factories, milk sheds (right) and much more.

If you would like more information on whether solar water heating is a viable option for your business please don't hesitate to contact us by phoning (07) 378 2547 or dropping into our office at 187 Spa Road in Taupo. One of our qualified and experienced consultants will be more than happy to talk with you and give you advice on solar water systems.

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