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15 April 2011

We’ve got the apprentice of the year!

We recently made the trip down to the Master Plumbers awards evening in Masterton, where our very own Scott McBeth was crowned as New Zealand’s Apprentice of the Year! This is a hugely exciting accolade and it reflects all of the hard work Scott has put in over the years. The judges took into account performance on the job, quality of coursework, overall attitude and day to day performance on the job. It just shows that we only work with the best!

Even the local paper got in on the act. You can read the article about Scott's achievement here.

10th September, 2010

We can now install patented UV water filtration systems

McBeth Plumbing and Gas is now an agent of WaterGuard, manufacturers of patented water filtration systems.

Roof collected rainwater often contains dangerous pathogens including Salmonella, E Coli, Campylobacter, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. These pathogens usually come from bird, rodent and possum droppings, or dead and decaying insects and animals. Other airborne pollutants and chemicals also commonly enter our water supply. Chlorine can help to rid the water of these harmful substances but the problem is that chlorine in itself is still a harmful chemical.

The WaterGuard UV filtration system filters out all of these harmful substances, leaving you with clean, fresh and healthy drinking water. By installing one of these systems you will effectively get bottle quality water straight from the tap. A filtration system like this will prove beneficial to most homes and is an absolute must-have for rural residents using a roof collected rainwater system. If you would like information WaterGuard products and whether they are something that you can benefit from (after all not everyone will need one), please don't hesitate to contact us.

10th August, 2010

Continuing Professional Development Courses well attended

Because of his passion for the industry Managing Director Ralph McBeth is passionate about the plumbing and gasfitting industry and in his spare time has been trying to give something back by delivering training courses for the Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Association.

Ralph is without a doubt the busiest trainer in New Zealand, taking courses all over the North Island in Taupo, Gisborne, New Plymouth, Wanganui, Manawatu and Hawkes Bay. Over 1100 Tradespeople NZ wide have completed courses so far with excellent responses from those who have attended. Ralph has taken over 160 of these trades people through various courses and says there is a very positive feeling out there toward upskilling, and complying with various Acts. It is a fast changing industry so its vital that we ensure that plumbers continue to deliver professional services which properly look after the needs of the public.

13th July 2010

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is good for the industry, says Master Plumbers

Fiona Gavriel, Chief Executive of Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers New Zealand, come out in full support of industry wide CPD and at McBeth Plumbing and Gas we couldn't agree more.

CPD is a requirement of the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act 2006 (check out the post below for more information on this) and means that tradespeople are now required to keep up with the latest trends, products and technologies in their field to make sure that consumers get the best possible service. Fiona makes the very good point that you wouldn't take your modern, computer controlled car to a mechanic who was still in the carburettor age, so why would you use a plumber, gasfitter, or drainlayer who doesn't use the most modern techniques?

Some industry members disagree with CPD requirement because it requires making an investment in their team that they are not willing to make. McBeth Plumbing and Gas realises that for us to provide a quality product and service to our customers we need to make sure that all of our team members are up to date with their skills and knowledge. Which means we can make sure that our customers get the best service possible!

13th July 2010

The Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers (PGD) Act 2006 spells the end for industry cowboys!

After years of bureaucratic wrangling, the PGD Act finally came into force on 1st April 2010. The Act makes it far easier for consumers to make sure that the tradesman they have employed is appropriately certified and can do the job to a high standard.

Cowboy operators are the curse of any trade because they undermine confidence in the services that all tradesmen provide. For that reason McBeth Plumbing and Gas is thrilled to bits about the introduction of the Act. The purpose of the Act is to protect consumers from shoddy and potentially dangerous workmanship and help to make sure that work done is done according to acceptable standards.

The major changes are:

  • Under the new rules anyone who is legally allowed to work as a plumber, gasfitter or drainlayer needs to carry an identification card. Anyone who is not competent and therefore not licensed will not have an identification card so we would like to encourage you to make sure you ask to see your tradesman's 'authorisation' card.

  • Plumbers and gasfitters that were previously known as 'registered', are now described as being 'licensed'. It seems quite trivial but the change is simply supposed to emphasise the fact that the tradesman has a license to practice (i.e. is allowed to because of his or her abilities) rather than simply being on the PGD Board's register.

  • Those in the other class of plumbers and gasfitters, previously known as 'craftsman', will now be known as 'certifying'. This better reflects the current role of certifying gasfitters and allows for the possibility of plumbers and gasfitters self certifying in the future.

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